Naughty Dog started working on a PS5 game that hasn’t been announced yet

by Gamingstry
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According to a report from the Twisted Voxel website, several changes and promotions in positions within the Naughty Dog studio may indicate that the company has been working on its next game since mid-2020.

The company’s lead designers Vinit Agarwal and Richard Cambier were promoted to Game Directors in September 2020, suggesting they will work together on a new game.

There have also been several inside promotions in the studio, such as Maksym Zhuravlov’s promotion to Principal Animator, Michal Mach to Lead Animator, and Max Dyckhoff to Lead AI Engineer. Waylon Brinck became the Development Director in October 2020. As Robert Krekel stated on his LinkedIn account that he has started working as an Audio Director for an unannounced new game.           

Naughty Dog has been hiring new developers since mid-2020 to start working on a game for the new generation of the PS5 which is probably the same as this one. We don’t know what the game is or what type it is or any other details, as the studio’s co-president Neil Druckmann said shortly after the release of The Last Of Us Part 2 that his next game could be a new part of an originally existing series or an entirely new title.

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