Rumor: Gerard Butler has been chosen to play Kratos in Sony’s upcoming God of War Movie

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god of war movie

In addition to working on Uncharted movie starring Tom Holland, Sony Pictures is also working on God of War movie, which is expected to start filming next spring ahead of its planned release date in 2022.

According to The Mother Of All Nerds website, The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed that Sony has chosen the star Gerard Butler to play Kratos in the film. Butler is known for strong roles in such famous films as Law Abiding Citizen, Gods of Egypt, and 300, where he played Leonidas, King of Sparta. With this background, it won’t be difficult for him to perform the role of Kratos.

It has been confirmed that God of War artistic director Raf Grassetti will be working on the film where he will put his talent into the production process. Grassetti had commented on social networks that in the next few days he would share some basic concept art sketches of the characters that we would see in the film. In addition to Butler, Aidan Gallagher (from The Umbrella Academy series) was chosen to play Atreus, the son of Kratos.

In addition, Idris Elba will play the role of Baldur that prepares to hurt Kratos. Melissa McCarthy will also play Freya, and Fernando Simon will appear in his first movie playing the role of Odin. More news about the God of War movie, which already has an impressive cast of stars, will be revealed soon.

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