Sony Confirmed That It’s Selling The PS5 At A Loss, Due To The Expensive Components

by Gamingstry
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In addition to its latest financial results, which included sales figures for the PS5 (4.5 million), the number of PlayStation Plus subscribers (47.4 million), and the number of copies sold of Spider-Man Miles Morales (4.1 million), Sony also commented on its objectives for 2021. Although the Japanese company is struggling to produce enough PS5 consoles to meet the high demand, it hopes to deliver 7.6 million consoles by the end of March.

This is an ambitious figure, given the manufacturing problems associated with AMD chips lacking the ABF substrate, which is essential for isolating the components that constitute the processors. A closer look at the document that Sony has shared, above all, the dry loss on the sale of each PS5 device. A scenario that many analysts had considered long before the release of the console, taking into account the components embedded in the PS5 and the need for Sony to keep a competitive price.

If this practice is quite well known among manufacturers, it is on the other hand quite rare to have a confirmation, which Sony has just done, confirming that with the increase in component prices due to the shortage and the health crisis, the lost money is only increasing as the months go by. According to some estimates, this shortage could continue throughout 2021, when Microsoft is more optimistic and expects new stocks just before the summer, next June.

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