Stadia Announces Availability in eight new countries

by Gamingstry

Available for more than a year, Stadia is still struggling to settle with the public despite technology often praised for its effectiveness. Today, Google announces that the cloud gaming service is available in 8 new countries.

Within 24 hours, players in Austria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, and Switzerland can subscribe to the service and enjoy an ever-expanding catalog. Thus, Stadia is now available in 22 countries, effectively expanding the number of people who may be interested.

Alongside this, Google recalls that a month of Stadia Pro is offered to anyone newly registered. To do this, it is enough for a valid means of payment, because at the end of the month Google will charge 9.99$ for the following month if the subscription is not terminated. As a reminder, Stadia Pro gives access to several free games, which remain accessible as long as the subscription is in progress.

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