Another Batman Arkham Game Has Just Been Announced, but It’s Limited to Virtual Reality for Meta Quest 3

by Gamingstry
batman arkham shadow

The title of this article reflects the emotional roller-coaster we’ve been on since we found out this information. The Batman Arkham series is beloved by many, thanks to Rocksteady’s near-perfect trilogy and a spin-off (Origins) that is less recognized but still quite enjoyable.

Today, that’s all history because Rocksteady finds itself tied up in the clumsy support of Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, and Warner Bros is turning its attention to other cult characters such as Wonder Woman. However, the series is back on screen, and only in virtual reality.

This isn’t the first time the Batman Arkham Saga has been given a virtual reality episode. With Batman: Arkham VR, Rocksteady offered a nice experience, but far from what you’d call a complete game. For Batman Arkham Shadow, the ambition seems to be a little greater.

Once the mourning for a new console game is over, the announcement of this brand new episode focused on the universe of Rocksteady’s saga, but without the studio in charge. And with good reason, since this is a virtual reality game, the Camouflaj studio is taking charge of the project. This studio is familiar with superheroic VR productions, having also produced Iron Man VR.

A first teaser has been released for this rather special episode, which takes us through the streets of Gotham. We still don’t know exactly when the plot will unfold in relation to the series’ chronology. The only available storyline simply states that Gotham City must be saved, in case that wasn’t obvious enough for a Batman game.

But more on that soon. This Batman Arkham Shadow will be one of the stars of Summer Game Fest on June 7, during the conference presented by Geoff Keighley. That’s undoubtedly where we’ll learn of its release date, which is currently set for 2024 on Meta Quest 3.

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