PUBG: New State Officially Announced

by Gamingstry
PUBG New State

Krafton had announced its desire to “expand the PUBG universe”, and this will start to materialize this year with the release of PUBG New State, a new royal free-to-play battle on mobiles with a futuristic setting.

Set in 2051, PUBG: New State takes place on a new map called Troi and promises to bring “new features that are changing the genre” such as rolls, a system for customizing weapons with kits that will allow them to be transformed in different ways (improved performance, shooting mode, accessories…) or the addition of drones and a deployable ballistic shield.

The formula remains the same: 100 survivors fight each other until only one player or one team is standing, with a blue zone that narrows and weapons, vehicles and consumables to be looted across the map to get the upper hand. Krafton, which is developing the game in-house, also features “graphics that surpass the mobile gaming standard” thanks to Global Illumination rendering technology with “huge 8×8 km open worlds”.

It is already possible to pre-register on the Play Store (soon on the App Store) to get a limited vehicle skin for the game’s release, scheduled for this year. It will therefore evolve in parallel with PUBG Mobile, which is managed by Tencent.

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