Ghostrunner Review

by Gamingstry

Release Date : Oct 27, 2020
Developers : Slipgate Ironworks, 3D Realms, One More Level
Platforms: PC (Microsoft Windows) / PlayStation 4 / Xbox One / Nintendo Switch

The role of Ninja is not the role that we play a lot in video games but it is one of the distinctive and exciting roles that usually cause the fame of most of the games that adopt this idea like the beloved Ninja Gaiden series, the latest games that put us in this role is the first-person hack and slash game Ghostrunner

The story puts us in the role of the last ghostrunners, a group of humans who were engineered to be the perfect mixture between humans and machine to get the perfect soldiers to apply for order and maintain security inside the huge Dharma Tower, which became the last refuge of mankind after a disaster that made living on the rest of the Earth impossible, you will be led in Cyberpunk can be said to be a classic story in case you watch any movie or inform you of any But we were nevertheless impressed by the excellent voice acting of the main characters and the well-executed dialogues that added some value to the story.

The game does not suffer from obvious technical problems and at the visual level, it looks wonderful including details in its full World, which will range from poor areas of industrial character to the upper floors that are characterized by its advertising and neon lights of diverse colors and pop, as we mentioned the voice performance of the characters was distinctive and in terms of music the game has a wonderful musical album with an electronic character and many melodies that hang in memory.

Ghostrunner is a very fast experience and this requires providing a control system that is easy to use, you are able to move, jump, dash and glide in addition to the usual attack with the sword and a button dedicated to special skills and the rest depends on your skill the game is not directed to any player but to the professional player who or left to dodge opponents ‘ bullets. death is something that happens in the game. As soon as you get used to a certain type of enemies, a new type is introduced that adds a new parameter to the equation and the experience requires you to focus throughout the gameplay in case you want to overcome the challenges that will be put before you.

To give you some extra help there is a board to develop abilities, part of which is provided at the beginning of the game with the ability to take full advantage of them in the last stages, the development board is filled with abilities that appear like Tetris stones, which you have to arrange as best as possible to exploit all the empty areas, these

Ghostrunner is not composed of battles only there are two other sides to the experience of them the puzzles that you will solve in a digital world in a manner consistent with the context of events such as the penetration of a certain system in the tower or enable the ability to reach a new special ability, the other side of the experience is the experience of jumping certain obstacles.

Despite the linear game and the fact that it requires moving from point A to point B, the stages offer you many possibilities in maneuvering enemies and attacking them, you can attack enemies from the right or left or maybe use the hook to surprise them from above.

The experience is not perfect in the end and we can say that it is flawed by two very basic things, the first is the very fast response to the enemies some hardly realize your presence until he shoots accurately to hit you as you progress in the experiment will face greater numbers of enemies and by the rapid rate it is very easy to the molecules are designed to offer difficulty. It is satisfactory and you can imagine how these two problems affect the experience. they are in the two most basic elements of it, but they do not happen all the time, but their impact is clear.

The experience offers many collectible elements, including what gives an idea of the game world with some audio recordings that we have identified some of its characters and there are alternative forms of your sword within these contents, the experience took 9 hours to finish and we collected almost half of the collectible elements, which is a very excellent age for the game under its writing and is suitable to finish before the run out of ideas and new elements, Ghostrunner may exaggerate the difficulty it offers on several occasions, but in the end, it is an experience aimed at professionals who are looking for a quick experience that will test their abilities and push them to the limit, is a game that will not suit everyone but will satisfy the category oriented to it.

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