Cyberpunk 2077: 25 Million Copies Sold and 3 Million Sold for the Phantom Liberty Expansion.

by Gamingstry

The days when Cyberpunk 2077 was rejected are long gone. CD Projekt Red has made a genuine recovery with its game, and even if the studio can’t be forgiven for everything (notably the condition of the PS4 and Xbox One versions), it has managed to turn things around over the last three years.

A long road of struggles came to an end with the release of update 2.0 of the game (now replaced by version 2.01) and its Phantom Liberty expansion, which this time seems to have everyone on the same track. With this reversal of events, the Polish studio is now in a position to proudly announce the game’s sales figures, and they are impressive.

CD Projekt Red proudly announced that it had sold over 25 million copies of Cyberpunk 2077, adding over twelve million copies since its launch in 2020. A worthy record, but still a long way behind The Witcher 3 and its 50 million units sold, but the title is making progress.

The studio announced these figures on its official X account, and not to mention that the Phantom Liberty DLC alone sold 3 million copies in just a few days. CD Projekt Red also reports that this DLC sold mainly on PC, with 68% of sales (including 10% on GOG), compared with 20% for the PS5 version and 13% for the Xbox Series version. Yes, that’s a 101% error, but we’ll leave it to the studio’s accountants to sort it out.

What’s also important to remember is that CD Projekt has now sold over 100 million games worldwide, including all its licenses. Knowing that Cyberpunk 2077 represents a quarter of this figure is quite an achievement, given the game’s starting point.

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