Immortals Fenyx Rising Review

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Immortals Fenyx Rising

Release Date : Dec 03, 2020
Developers : Ubisoft Québec
Publisher : Ubisoft
Platforms : PC (Microsoft Windows) / PlayStation / Nintendo Switch / Xbox

Sometimes certain games offers you a better experience than what you expected from it, when I saw the game Immortals Fenyx Rising for the first time when it was revealed in 2019 with a completely different title the game didn’t receive any attention from me, and with watching more of the game after a long absence I felt that it’s one of those games cloned from other games, and I thought it’s copied from Zelda Breath of The Wild and Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, but after hours of going through this adventure I can say that Ubisoft has provided us with a different experience, she was inspired a lot from those two games specifically but it also adds its own touch and in the way of its sarcastic and attractive narrative and its multi-colored world and beautiful art drawings with many cool moments in it, so it’s time to review this great game

Immortals Fenyx Rising is a third-person action and adventures game, through which you will play with the character “Phoenix”, a greek fighter who finds himself on an island and his main mission is to save the Greek gods from giants whos attempting to avenge them after their previous exile, and you can choose to play the adventure as a “male” or “female” character with a lot of designs for the character and the possibility to change your decision at any time within the game without any effect.

The great fighters now are turned into weak creatures and you have to help them so they can be able to help you in your fight with the evil giants of the game, and the cool thing about the story narration is that Prometheus and Zeus are the ones who tell us the story sarcastically and with a lot of jokes, which gives the game a beautiful elegance and away from the seriousness and realism that we have seen in games that quote the same ideas, it’s an adventure in the Greek era but in a sarcastically way and this matter may face varying levels of admiration for the players.

Phoenix begins the adventure as a warrior who has lost everything, and here he begins trying to collect the different types of weapons and wings and special abilities as well, and this is done through special missions or mysterious dungeons where you solve the puzzles and gain rewards. The game starts slowly where you lack the abilities in the first hour or two and you have to explore the limited area at the beginning before you open the whole world after getting the main abilities, first two hours of the game are just the tutorial levels before entering the main adventure.

The combat system relies heavily on two main hits, which are the fast weak hit with the sword and the heavy strong hit with the axe the first is used when facing weak enemies while the second is for enemies with armors and you try to mix them for successive combos, there is dodge button and there is also the bow that you get as you advance in the game, and you can use the special abilities, for example, there is a power like a magnet that allows you to carry objects and throw them just like “Zelda“, but here you have the possibility of developing their use in different ways, such as drawing the enemy towards you or moving you near the enemy, which will start to get from your progress in the game.

Also, the arrow allows to strike in two different ways, the normal arrow or the moving arrow shot which is also one of the special abilities that you have to get to use, the dodge button plays an important role cause you need it to avoid enemies hits in time before hitting you, which will allow you to slow down time “also like Zelda” And this will give you some seconds to hit the enemy without his reaction, and with your progress in the game, you will also acquire wings that allow you to fly and implement some of their own strikes.

The overall combat system is very simple, and there are upgrades for everything in it, the Phoenix character itself will have to develop his energy and his fitness rate to be able to climb a longer distance and also run faster and fly for a longer time because some areas of the game world will need high fitness to reach them, it’s all very similar to “Zelda”, and there’s also the possibility of taming animals to use them for exploring that loses its importance once you get the ability to fly. You have to collect coins, treasures, or even golden lightning to develop various abilities from the mountain of Gods, or you can just buy these developments with real money from Ubisoft Store.

The main goal in the game is to save or help 4 of the great warriors so they can help you to defeat the evil Giants, well where we saw this story before? Yes, it is the same idea of the story of “Zelda” the same mainland, but the difference here is that we are in the Greek era and that things are sarcastic in narrating events, you will roam the world to one of the greatest statues of fighters and here begins the adventure.

There aren’t many details on the characters and the world but there are a lot of colors, the game world is very beautiful some times and with boring designs in others, especially the characters and enemies and personally I was never a fan of the way the main character was designed and the way of his movements especially in the cutscenes, and the user interface in the game is or cool at all and make you feel that it’s just the beta version of the game and not the final but and thank god the development team put the option of hiding it from the screen while playing. Although the adventure takes place on an island there are different environments between its sections and a great diversity of arts.

The game has a very amazing musical and voice representation of all the characters in the Scottish dialect that gives a beautiful add on to it, especially with the comments of Prometheus and Zeus on the events, it sure has sometimes limited animations of the strikes and movement in general, but overall, the game spins well and the PlayStation 5 version allows it to be played in 4K resolution with 30 fps or dynamic 4K resolution with 60 fps and the second option was much better by experience.

The game has more than 25 hours with the main story and much longer if you want to get everything in it and upgrade all the abilities and weapons, the content of the game is excellent and for a whole new title this experience is very good from Ubisoft, It may have actually inspired a lot of its ideas from the “Zelda” game but it also tried to offer different things and developments, I mean how many games actually tried to imitate “Zelda”? The number is very limited so this experience is welcome especially for those who love the world of Greek mythology.

Immortals Fenyx Rising is a very nice try from Ubisoft for a completely new title and also changing the usual company Games style, it’s not a future open-world game but we get here an entertaining adventure game with a very large content and a simple game system with its basic idea, it’s a good start to something that could be further developed, perhaps in parts to come, and an experience that exceeded my expectations on a personal level.

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