How did Immortals Fenyx Rising perform on new generation devices?

by Gamingstry
Immortals Fenyx Rising

The results of technical analysis continue to circulate every day to tell us about the performance of the new generation devices. Yesterday we saw  a performance analysis of Borderlands 3 in which we noticed the superiority of the PlayStation 5 in one place and the superiority of the Series X elsewhere. But what about Immortals Fenyx Rising ? VG Tech channel published its review of the game and the results were like this :

  • In performance mode both devices rarely work in native 4K resolution
  • On the PlayStation 5 Dynamic Resolution above 2160 and down to 1280
  • On SeriesX, the highest dynamic resolution is 2160, but the landing is more than its competitor reaching 1080.
  • The frame speed of this phase is 60 fps.
  • Quality mode the game targets 4K with 30 frames
  • On PlayStation 5 the game works in real 4K resolution
  • On SeriesX, the resolution drops to 3328×1872, but that doesn’t happen much.
  • On SeriesX, the game performs at the highest resolution of 1080p and the lowest resolution of 720p at 60 fps; while the quality is max resolution is 1440p and min resolution is 1080p with 30 fps.

And we published an article talking about the interpretation of the results of such analyzes I advise you to take a look at it to find out what is the secret behind this performance of the two devices? And is it really all related to teraflops? And here we must mention that the Initiative’s own team of creators spoke on this point when they said: the power of Xbox Series X and PS5 is not as important as how the developer exploit it, any power will not serve the device if the developer did not know how to use it the right way I hope this will be clear to everyone so we can end the discussions about the power and advantages because the outcome will be zero if the developer finds it difficult to deal with the development kit.

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