Pode Review

by Gamingstry

Release Date : June 21, 2018
Developers : Henchman & Goon
Publisher : Henchman & Goon
Platforms : Nintendo Switch, PS4, PC

Released on Nintendo Switch in 2019 and PlayStation 4 in 2019, The Pode reaches the PC and we had the opportunity this time to play it and learn about this adventure that makes friendship the center of its events, is a beautiful experience that we will let you know about it next lines.

The story focuses on the star who fell from the sky and found herself a new friend in the only rock that lives around and from here begins the tale of this friendship where the two friends enter the highest mountains in the region climbing up to help the star to return from where she came, the story is simple, the characters are silent and the experience does not contain any texts to read with some simple drawings that appear from time to time during the progress on the mountain. Despite their silence, the two characters are innocent and simple in their movements and actions, if you try to make the character leave the room without her friend, it will automatically return to call her friend and It’s a nice touch to enhances the experience’s focus on friendship.

The technical orientation is simple and beautiful and the dedication to work on the graphics is clear here, although the experience does not provide realistic graphics, but the quality of the textures and the quality of the game in general has been taken care of, we didn’t have any significant technical problems except for the annoying movement of the camera on very few occasions, the melodies provided by the game are charming in all its meaning and they inspire calm and tranquility as you move between rooms and solve puzzles

The control system is limited at the beginning to jumping and activating the ability of the two characters, which appears in the form of a circular field surrounding the character, the Rock can show the crystals inside the mountain and activate some doors and platforms while the star can breathe life into the plants and flowers that you may use as a platform. Also as you progress in the experience, a few new gameplay mechanics will be added that offers additional variety in the type of puzzles you solve, when you enter any room you will find just a pile of pale stones of identical colors but as you wander around the room and activate the abilities of the two characters you will see beautiful radioactive crystals of various colors spread through the room and the plants and flowers sprout to coat the rest of the room with vegetables in a magical, contemplative and tranquil landscape.

The puzzles in Pode range from the simple ones that you will be able to solve immediately to the mediums that may require you a better perception of the surrounding environment and the clues that you provide to solve those puzzles, the experience is not that long and it took about 4 hours to finish, there are some hidden drawings in the game and some flowers also, which can be demonstrated using the abilities of both the rock and the star and it may take two more hours to find all those flowers and drawings, which you will not really mind. Returning to explore what you missed means enjoying the game’s amazing views and soothing melodies for a longer time, Pode is one of those beautiful and innocent experiences that adults and children will enjoy and we recommend it to anyone looking for a calm and relaxing experience.

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