Super Meat Boy Forever Review

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Super Meat Boy Forever

Release Date : December 23, 2020
Developers : Team Meat
Publisher : Team Meat
Platforms : PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PC, Switch, Mobile

Super Meat Boy was one of the first special indie games that drew a lot of attention to what independent developers can offer despite the modesty of their capabilities. The arcade game that was released in 2010 presented dozens and hundreds of levels that were carefully designed to offer super difficulty and require extreme accuracy and can make the player feel satisfied after winning and overcoming obstacles. Now, after 10 years, Team Meat is back to and released the sequel in Super Meat Boy Forever, which came after a wait of nearly 6 years since its first reveal. So how was the experience like?

The story goes back to Meat Boy and Bandage Girl who live their lives happily with their daughter Nugget who will be kidnapped by the villain Dr. Fetus here this adventure begins. The story is not a primary element as in the previous game, and on the visual level, the game has a beautiful cartoon character unlike the pixeled graphics included in the first part. The graphics are very beautiful and the development team is presenting a short animated show at the beginning of each of the five chapters of the story and all these shows are a hint of a title of classic titles such as Chrono Trigger and others for example. As for the soundtracks the game offers various melodies, some of them are fun and others are energetic, but we can say that they were some medium soundtracks and there isn’t anything special about them.

Super Meat Boy Forever continues to offer high difficulty and a large dependence on precision but it also providing some substantive changes. When you start your experience the levels will be generated automatically and according to the development team there are more than 7000 different levels included in the game, which gives more value to re-experience it again because each attempt to finish the game offers more than 60 levels to complete and when you start a new experience whether through the New Game+ option or creating a new save game you will get more than 60 new and different levels with their different elements, except for boss fights that remain the same.

The second fundamental change is that the game doesn’t allow you to control the character’s movement, it runs automatically but with the ability to jump, dodge, and shoot blows, an action that plays the role of the rush in the air as well, which was taken into account when designing the levels. Each chapter of the story, in addition to an additional sixth chapter, presents a different stamp from its previous one, and the beauty of the experience is that each chapter presents several new ideas during its progress, which keeps the experience continuously renewed.

The nature of the experience that relies on autogeneration is clear in the design of the levels in which you advance horizontally in general, and although it requires precision in control, you will miss the sense of the accuracy of the design presented in the first part, which although it didn’t include the same number of new ideas over the progress as this version did, but it has presented them perfectly and exploited them as much as possible.

The difficulty level has a kind of disparity as a result of relying on the automatic generation and it remains within the scope of difficult experiments, but sometimes you may find some levels that have been generated in a way that becomes impossible or sometimes in a way that makes the way forward unclear, forcing you to repeat again and again to know the right way to complete it.

Super Meat Boy Forever took 8 hours to finish, and the time will vary greatly depending on your skill and the levels that will be generated automatically, Super Meat Boy Forever is an excellent experience and offers the elements you might be looking for in a challenging arcade game but it is simply “radically different” from the first version and may not be the experience that the first game’s fans were excited to play.

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