The second unannounced project from the Santa Monica studio is apparently still in progress

by Gamingstry
god of war ragnarok

The second project of Santa Monica Studio seems to be still in progress, according to a new Art Director job offer from the studio.

Santa Monica’s official account tweet revealed that the studio is “seeking an experienced Art Director for the development of a new unannounced title”.There are not many details on the job offer page itself either, except that the new project is intended to be a genre-defining game, and that it contains characters and creatures.

In 2018, we learned through ResetEra that Sony Santa Monica had developed a “multi-stage, long-term strategic plan for the studio spanning two future projects” after God of War, according to the studio’s LinkedIn posts.

Of course one of these projects is God of War: Ragnarok which was unveiled, which concluded the Sony PS5 show in September 2020. The second project is still a mystery, but the fact that the studio is now recruiting for key positions suggests that it is actively moving forward.

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