Spider-Man: Miles Morales Tips For Beginners

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Spider-Man: Miles Morales Tips and tricks

While Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales is relatively simple to learn, it may take a little time to get used to the gameplay and the little things that will make the hard task of being a New York superhero easier. And since we’re friendly people, we’ll give you some practical tips and tricks below.


Spider-Man: Miles Morales Tips and tricks

Most of the time, you will be able to skip the use of the different Spider-gadgets at your disposal. Study your dodge timings carefully and you’ll be virtually invincible, even in big confrontations. We’ve even gotten past the end boss without taking a single hit.

That being said, there are some gadgets that can be useful once improved. Our favorite by far is the Holo-drone, which can distract your enemies while eliminating them. You can upgrade it with your eyes closed if you have a few extra chips. For the others… well… there’s the web-thrower, handy enough to stick a few bad guys to the walls, but a good bio-electric shot in the face does the job as well.


One of the lens mods makes it even easier to achieve the perfect dodge. Go for it, it unlocks quickly and costs nothing. Spamming “Circle” is at the heart of Miles Morales’ gameplay, just as it was in Spider-man 2018. Miles can even unlock a skill that allows you to eliminate an opponent with a single hit “Triangle” right after a perfect dodge. The dodge allows you to go behind your enemy’s back and punish him, the dodge can paralyze, the dodge is stylish, so let go of the punches a little.


Spider-Man: Miles Morales Tips and tricks

After many hours of playing and dozens or even hundreds of fights, we have developed a method that allows you to easily win all the fights in the game. Just follow the following steps in order and everything will be fine.

  • Place yourself in height thanks to “L2 + R2” to have a global view on the map.
  • Locate isolated enemies, snipers in the lead (your most elite opponents).
  • Switch to the Camouflage mode and eliminate methodically and discreetly (we prefer a “Square” in hand-to-hand combat rather than a “Triangle”) the villains you have just spotted.
  • Once the big fight has started, stay in a corner of the map so you don’t have to face too many people at the same time and don’t get shot in the back.
  • Dodge often and take a series of shots, mainly from the air. This will help to raise the combo bar and bio-electricity.
  • Use your Combo-knockouts on the most defensive enemies (bullies, guards armed with shields, or fists).
  • Use your bio-electricity judiciously and juggle between zone attacks such as the electro hammer or a heal as soon as you go under 50% of your life bar.

By following this scheme, believe us, you cannot lose anymore. The key is in the harmonious and precise use of almost everything the game allows. With the exception of the gadgets, they always remain as useless as ever.


Swinging at the end of a wire is nice, but still a bit slow (and a bit boring). Practice using the spider jump (via the “Cross” button) between two webs. With this simple button, you will be able to change direction quickly and reach record speeds.

It’s more of an accessory, but you should also think about falling down in a dive with “L3” when you’ve gained enough height before catching up with “R2” just before crashing to the ground. The gain in speed is great. We also invite you to scratch a few XP points by pressing “Square” and shaking the analog stick around.

Finally, don’t forget to hold “R2” when you run against a wall and to lay down with precision and class thanks to “L2 + R2”. That’s a lot of strokes said like that, but, I promise, with a little practice, you get used to it quickly.


Spider-Man: Miles Morales Tips and tricks

We all have a different way of playing, and that’s exactly why you can customize Miles as you wish. Outfits don’t have powers on their own, but unlocking an outfit usually unlocks a pretty useful mod.

Don’t spread yourself too thin and optimize as soon as possible. Analyze each available mod, select 2 for your outfit and 2 for your lenses. There’s no mod that’s really more powerful than others, so an expensive mod isn’t necessarily a good mod, especially if it doesn’t fit your style of gameplay. Once you’ve found your marks, spend some time in the menus and write down in a corner of your head your 4 favorite mods. All that’s left to do is farmer the tokens until you unlock them all as soon as possible.

Concerning the gadgets, you can save resources by ignoring them. It’s already the third time we’ve said it, but we can’t hammer it enough: they’re USELESS.

Finally, there are still the skills. Quickly unlock the fighting skills and then the course skills via Peter’s training unlocked early in the game. Concerning the choices to be made in the skills tree, there is strictly no strategy to have since you can’t move forward where you want. In any case, you’ll end up having it all, so follow your heart.

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