Total War: Warhammer 3 Cinematic Trailer Revealed

by Gamingstry
total war warhammer 3

The partnership between SEGA and The Creative Assembly is far from over, as the two companies have just announced Total War Warhammer 3, which also features a cinematic trailer that is a beauty to behold.

The trailer allows you to set the context and identify the important characters of this new episode. We’ll walk through the mysterious Eastern Territories, but also the demon-infested Kingdoms of Chaos. The developers promise new races from the lore of the Games Workshop license, not forgetting the factions of Chaos (Khorne, Nurgle, Slaanesh, and Tzeentch).

The release tells us that it will be possible to choose between saving a dying god or exploiting his powers, knowing that each race offers the possibility to take a different unique journey through the nightmarish Chaos Realm. Not to mention that Total War Warhammer III will be available for PC (via Steam and Epic Games Store). with a date set around September 2021, according to the Steam page.

“Our vision, from the start, was to create a series that felt like an incredible journey through this world we all loved.,” said game director, Ian Roxburgh in a press release. “The enormous support of our players in ensuring the success of the first two installments has pushed our ambition to new heights, and we can’t wait for everyone to experience it.”

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