Fortnite will not have any social events in 2021

by Gamingstry

Fortnite is perhaps one of the most moving titles in e-sports in the past years and has been awarded millions of prizes for many associated events, most notably the Fortnite World Cup, which is attended by the world’s professionals in the game and watched by millions around the world, but unfortunately, we may miss such social events until the next year.

Epic announced today that it will not organize any physical social events during the next year 2021 related to Fortnite and will instead focus on digital events, due to the continuing covid-19 pandemic that continues to hit the world. It also

confirmed that a special team is now studying the possibility of holding mega-events such as the annual Fortnite World Cup events to be remotely digital, the statement published via the company’s official website said:

The company has also a lot of plans that it will share with the public as a kind of interactive ways and remuneration of beneficiaries for physical tournaments like holding weekly tournaments and also cups for creators throughout the year.

The fifth season arrived in the game earlier last week where the island has some updates and brought more new characters and some known areas on the map disappeared such as Doom’s domain and Stark industries and was replaced by Pleasant Park and Colossal Coliseum and also we do not forget the joint events with other entertainment stuff such as adding Kratos character from the famous God Of War game and also the cooperation with the Star Wars series and others.

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