Ghost Of Tsushima won the Player’s Voice Award at the Game Awards

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ghost of tsushima

Geoff Keighley has revealed that Ghost Of Tsushima was the winning game of the Player’s Voice at the Game Awards this year after 3 rounds of fan voting.

The Game Awards kicks off on December 10, where various awards such as Best storytelling, Best Direction, and, of course, Game of the year will be announced. These awards are voted on by a special voting committee and also by fans. In these cases, however, the voting jury represents 90% of the vote, while the fan vote represents the remaining 10%. But that’s not the case with the Players ‘ Voice award which it’s decided entirely by fans, or anyone logging into The Game Awards to vote.

Ghost Of Tsushima had the highest rating among all other games nominated for 2020, beating other strong releases such as The Last Of Us Part II, Hades, and Doom Eternal.
Ghost Of Tsushima has seen its roster position change with each round. She outscored TLOU2 by 3% during the second voting session, with 14% and 11% of the votes respectively, and then in the last round, which began on December 6, TLOU2’s votes rose to 43% while Ghost Of Tsushima’s vote was only 31%.

Then with just 4 hours before voting closed, Ghost Of Tsushima jumped to 47% and TLOU2 fell to 33%. This was the last update Keighley revealed before he announced on Tuesday that Ghost of Tsushima is the Players ‘ Voice winning game at this year’s Game Awards.

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