God Of War and Horizon Zero Dawn profits on PlayStation 4

by Gamingstry

Many very special games have been released on PlayStation 4 that have provided us with unforgettable experiences such as God of War created by Santa Monica Studio and Horizon Zero Dawn, which has become one of the most popular new titles and achieved high success on the platform. In case you’re wondering how many copies and profits these two games have made, you’ve landed in the right place.

One of the real gaming industry real fans shared on his Twitter account “bogorad222” where he’s already shared previously a lot of information about video games in it by searching and mining people’s LinkedIn accounts in the industry has found interesting new numbers from the TJ Consunji account who has been promoting and has been with PlayStation for seventeen years. Through him, we learned that the game God of War 2018 sold more than 10 million copies until 2019, 40% of it was digital and Sony made 500$ million from these sales. And the open-world game Horizon Zero Dawn was the best new exclusive title released on PlayStation 4 and sold over 8 million copies until 2019. 35% of the sales were digital and generated more than 400 million in profits.

From the same account, we also learned that Killzone 3 sales exceeded the expected 20% in just five weeks.

That is, in short, God of War and Horizon Zero Dawn have made high profits for Sony and certainly the percentage of these profits has risen as these figures are for 2019 only (the exact month is unknown). What do you think of these profits?

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