GTA Online: Triple rewards in polymorphic races

by Gamingstry
gta online

As every week, the time has come to present you the new features that integrate the online mode of GTA V.

Until December 14, GTA Online players are invited to take part in the polymorphic races in order to win triple rewards. The time trials also report triple GTA money and RP. As a bonus, if you complete the RC Bandito before 15 December, you’ll get your hands on the 600,000 $. On the podium of the wheel of fortune this week, you can find the classic German sport car, The Benefactor Stirling GT.


-40% luxury apartments

-40% complex

-30% arcade rooms

-25 % vehicle warehouses

Promotions on vehicles :

-40% on Ocelot Locust

-40% on the Übermacht SC1

-40% on the Komoda Lampadati

-30% on the Grotti X80 Proto

Finally, remember that the robbery of Cayo Perico will be available from December 15. Described as GTA Online’s biggest update to date, it will add new weapons and vehicles including an armed submarine. A new venue will also be proposed with more than 100 songs added to the radio. It will of course be possible to choose your own approach by completing the mission alone or with a team of four players.

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