Conqueror’s Blade presents its sixth season

by Gamingstry

Titled Season VI: Scourge of Winter, the next expansion of Conqueror’s Blade will be available for download on December 21. Players will be able to explore the Lands of Ostaria in order to face a new threat.

The next season of Conqueror’s Blade will feature several new features, including the desecrating hordes of demons who stormed the North. They obey the orders of the scourge of winter, which takes advantage of the cold period to the crackdown. The Frozen Lands of Ostaria will offer new dynamic climatic conditions. Also, count on new PCE content to get your hands on exclusive rewards.

To defeat the enemy, it will be necessary to call for some reinforcements. That’s why you can discover additional unit promotions. Completing the unit challenges of the season will let you promote existing troops to the ranks of lansquenets, ribauds Lancers, or Liao Scouts.

More than 100 free and premium rewards will be available during the season, including a unit Redeemer dress or Archon dress.
It is possible to pre-order the new Battle Pass today.

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