King’s Bounty 2: a six-minute royal clip offers a preview of the gameplay

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In less than a month of its release, King’s Bounty 2 reveals a preview of its gameplay through a substantial video that sweeps all the features offered in this new release. After waiting for two years, King’s Bounty 2 seems to be well on its way to offering us a solid experience if it keeps all its promises.

Since its announcement, two years and a couple of postponements have separated us from King’s Bounty 2. To reassure the fans of this endless wait, the developers of 1C Entertainment offer us a guided tour of the magical world of Nostria by covering, with a six-minute gameplay trailer, a wide scope of the game’s features.

The trailer takes us directly into the heart of Nostria by revealing a peek at the third-person phases. Because yes, King’s Bounty 2 is not only about confrontations like a Tactical-RPG, since exploration has an important part. Especially since the world of Nostria is full of treasures, fantastic adventures to live, and dark secrets to uncover.

To live this epic adventure, you have three choices. You are free to play as a Warrior, a Mage, or a Paladin. Note that each of them has specific characteristics and powers.

In fact, the preview illustrates the spells and how they can be used in battle. Overall, the battles follow the formula of traditional Tactical-RPGs and require you to adapt your strategies according to the field, the enemies, and the situation in general.

Because brute force is not always the best solution for all situations. King’s Bounty 2 makes this its primary focus and intends to teach you the basics and the benefits of diplomacy. Instead of rushing in headlong, different approaches are possible including negotiation with NPCs or the more obscure methods of the Dark Adepts.

There are many choices to bring your army to victory. These armies, as well as yourself, can be reinforced and customized with several hundred pieces of equipment.

It is also possible to expand it by getting involved in the various missions and side quests of the game. For example, in the gameplay video, you can either pick up an item and decide to fight the skeletons that appear in front of you, or you can rally them to your cause and, like Aragorn, make this army of skeletons more than a valuable ally in your quest to save the kingdom.

The release of King’s Bounty 2 is now getting closer and closer as it is expected on August 24 on PC, Switch, PS4, and Xbox One.

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