Red Dead Online: Featured Series: Target Races And Plunder In The Spotlight This Week

by Gamingstry
red dead online

Each week, Rockstar unveils a list of new products, bonuses and promotions added to Red Dead Online. Since December, Red Dead online mode has become a stand-alone and reached its maximum price on February 15th.

First of all, it’s important to remember that for the past few days, the stand-alone version of Red Dead Online no longer costs 4.99$, but it now costs 19.99$. However, it remains available at no extra cost to players who have purchased Red Dead Redemption II. With the information being passed, let’s take a closer look at what’s in store for us this week.

First Rockstar says that RDO$ and XP winnings will be doubled in Looting, Target Races, and Open Target Races as a Featured Series. On the role side, Moonshiners from all four corners of the frontier will receive a 50% bonus and 2X character XP payouts for all Moonshine Sales this week.

In addition, completing any mission as an Underground Moonshiner or Merchant will unlock a new treasure map. Finally, note that all Bootleggers who jump into Red Dead Online any time between now and March 1st will also receive a Reward for a free Moonshine Mash Refill.


10 Gold Bars off the price of the Moonshine Shack

30% off all Moonshiner Role Items and Shack Upgrades

30% off all revolvers

30% all Shirts, Corsets, Skirts, and Pants

30% off all Emotes (including Role Emotes).


Raccoon hat

Alligator hat

Poncho Prieto

Eberhart Coat

Strickland Boots

Low stove pipe cap

Checkered cap

Half leggings in skin

Carver Pants

Patterned bandana

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