Hogwarts Legacy: VR Coming Soon for the Harry Potter Game

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Hogwarts Legacy is not completely available for everyone yet, but virtual reality is already on its way.

Visiting Hogwarts is good, but visiting Hogwarts in virtual reality is even better. To ensure total immersion in Hogwarts Legacy, a VR mod is already in development for the highly anticipated Harry Potter RPG. Something to drive fans crazy, because who doesn’t dream of a totally immersive HP experience that goes beyond the simple video game?

Hogwarts Legacy through virtual reality

Although Hogwarts Legacy is not officially available yet (the game is scheduled for February 10), Avalanche’s newest creation in the wizarding world has already attracted a solid fan base on all three platforms, and the numbers are only going to increase in the next coming days. Based on this fact, the Flat2VR modding community is already starting to work on a full virtual reality mod for the RPG. You can already see the initial stages on the team’s official Twitter account:

While the Flat2VR team doesn’t have a release date yet, you can already see the depth of the work being done with a first-person tour of Hogwarts. The functionality should also fully extend into the cinematics. Beyond VR we can expect the emergence of many mods in the future with perhaps the complete reproduction of the game at the time of the Harry Potter films/books. Everything is now possible.

Would you be interested in a virtual reality experience for Hogwarts Legacy? And globally, what kind of mods are you expecting?

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