PS4 update 8.03 is here, a multiplayer related option added

by Gamingstry

Recently, we reported the arrival of another firmware update for the PS5. Realizing that Sony also updated the PS3 a week ago, it wouldn’t have been long until the PS4 gets an update too, and It is finally done.

PS4 players, “that there are as yet a large number of them”, can download the update 8.03 now of the firmware of their PlayStations. Also, for once, the players deserve to know a more precise clarification of the aspects added on this update than a basic “this system software update improves system performance.”

Surely, the update 8.03, with a load of 477 MB, adds another choice to the quick menu of the PS4. And here is this new choice as portrayed by Sony :

[Disable Chat Audio] has been added in the section of the Quick menu. If you enable this option, chat audio will be disabled during the game. Your voice will not be heard and you will not hear the voices of the players. This setting does not apply to Party Chat sound.

Players who are shy and/or embarrassed by other players’ comments and other discussions during online games now have an easy way to quiet unwanted sounds.

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