PS5: update 20.02-02.30 is here and it concerns the DualSense

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Less than a month after the PlayStation 5 was released, Sony continues to maintain a steady pace of releasing updates to the console’s operating system. Proof of this, the third update for the public is already available.

Sony has just released the update 20.02-02.30 of the firmware of the PS5. Obviously, both the PS5 standard and the PS5 Digital Edition are concerned. Like the previous two, this new update size is 868 MB and its official description simply says :

This update of the operating system improves the performance of the system.

A controller story

An additional element related to this update, however, has something to pique curiosity. Indeed, it prompts the user to plug in his controller DualSense in order to update it too. Unfortunately, nothing indicates at the moment what this “firmware update” changes in the operation of the PS5 controller.

Note that the official page of the PlayStation site dedicated to PS5 updates usually provides additional guidance. Indeed, she explains For example that the version 20.02 – 02.26.00 proposed on November 25 last corrected “a problem affecting some PS5, which prevented the charging in rest mode of a PS5 wireless controller connected (using the supplied USB cable) to the USB Type-A port on the front of the PS5”. Details regarding this update 20.02-02.30 could therefore be proposed soon.

Have you noticed any differences in how your console or controller works after installing this update? What changes do you think should be applied by Sony? Tell us all in the comments below.

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