PS5 and Xbox Series X: first Japanese sales figures unveiled by Famitsu

by Gamingstry

If the Japanese market no longer gives so much the pulse of the industry, its propensity to throw in the greatest of calm its focus on the latest technological innovations still allows measuring the appetite of the archipelago for the new generation. Buckle up: here are the first Next-gen sauce sales figures, unveiled by Famitsu.

If the stocks of PlayStation 5 and other Xbox Series X obviously stir our curiosity, let’s say it immediately: in this month of November 2020, it is once again the Switch that dominates the Japanese market, since Nintendo will have sold some 666 773 copies by combining the original model and the Switch Lite.

Funny War in Akihabara

But since November 10 and 12, it is obviously (and respectively) the Xbox Series and the PS5 that found themselves on the stalls of specialized stores, and it is not surprising Sony is already ahead of its competitor since the two versions of its new console sold 201,435 copies in cumulative, against 28,000 Xbox Series, A ratio slightly higher than 1: 7 in favor of the local champion.

Despite this gap, Famitsu specifies that all models of next-generation consoles have been the subject of a stock out, and it was thus not easier to find the Microsoft monolith (as we specified just last month) despite a visibly less present demand.

If the debut of the Xbox Series was once again a little difficult in Japan, recall that the American manufacturer spent part of the year 2020 to multiply the foot calls towards the island players, without visibly meeting an outsized Echo. Will the future validate this strategy? Count on us to follow the case closely.

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