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Subscriptions are now open to Razer Invitational-Europe (RI-Europe), a free-for-all tournament for up to 90,000 players in Fortnite Trio, competing across 6 tournaments for cash prizes as well as amazing gear.
To enter RI-Europe, all potential competitors have to form teams together and sign up for the Razer Invitational – Europe website. The winning team in each round will receive 3,600 euros, 1,800 euros, and 1,200 euros for the second and third places, and gear and hardware for the fourth and fifth places.

Viewers can win the awesome Razer products just by watching the broadcast, voting for the best players, or participating inside challenges like the fastest time in the attack cycle, or they can send the best open play clip from Fortnite for a chance to win the Razer collection. To celebrate Europe’s first Razer Invitational, 12 of Europe’s most famous Fortnite players will take part in a three-way playoff exhibition match on December 5th, with their chosen colleagues from each player’s fan community.

With “Krench Royale”, “Teepsy” and “Rafa” joining the battle, Fortnite fans should check out the RI-EU website for more information on who is taking part in this event and where to go for a chance to join their team.

Razer Invitational-Europe is designed to give players from different levels a chance to join a truly open and wide-ranging tournament, with fun competition against fellow players.

the opening game of Europe takes place on December 5th at 5:30 pm Central European time. Registration at Razer Invitational-Europe is now open.

registration information and qualifying schedules will be updated on the RI-Europe official website.

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